Asia Performance Auto Club (APAC) is a private, exclusive community for high-net-worth individuals passionate about performance cars. We provide a network for sharing, learning, and enjoying automotive excellence in Asia.

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Bridging Asia's Entrepreneurs
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"Bridging Asia's Entrepreneurs Through Auto Passion" embodies the essence of APAC – our elite platform fuels the love for performance cars while connecting influential entrepreneurs across Asia. Here, business acumen meets automotive admiration, creating an unrivalled community that nurtures relationships, fosters knowledge exchange, and encourages collaborative innovation. APAC is more than a club; it’s a meeting point for automotive passion and business growth.

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Automotive Admiration

Exclusive Community

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Bring them together and you overcome the ordinary.

100% Happy Gathering

All our events prioritize joy and camaraderie, making every meetup a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Relaxed Networking

Swap business insights with fellow entrepreneurs over a drink, no formal speeches or presentations required.

Automotive Exclusives

Getting up-close and personal with some of the world's most coveted performance cars, only at APAC Private Member Club.

Beneficial Partnerships

Leverage our platform to establish new business collaborations and ventures with like-minded entrepreneurs.


"APAC isn't just a car club - it's a community of passionate entrepreneurs who share my love for high-performance vehicles. It's the perfect blend of business and pleasure."

James Tan

Founder of Tech Startup

"I've made invaluable connections at APAC. It's an ideal place to meet like-minded business people while bonding over our shared love for performance cars. The gatherings are always enjoyable, and I look forward to them."

David Chang

Real Estate Tycoon

"APAC is the perfect intersection of my passions: high-performance cars and business. The community is welcoming, the networking opportunities are vast, and the love for automotive excellence is palpable."

Ananya Patel

Fintech Innovator

"In the world of business, having the right connections can make a big difference. APAC provides just that - a network of highly successful entrepreneurs in a casual, happy environment. It's networking done right."

Ming Zhu

Venture Capitalist